Summit County Public Art

In Kassidy Jones' oil on Masonite painting, a cowboy is silhouetted against a brilliant sky. Vermillion, tangerine, coral, citrine, and lavender-tinged clouds fill two-thirds of the composition. Jones says that the sunset reminded her of the beauty that Mother Nature can provide at certain moments of the day. The figure riding toward the viewer has personal significance for the artist. "We have gorgeous sunsets around our mountain ranch, and seeing my dad riding at dusk put this in mind for this picture," Kassidy Jones says. The title came not just from the beauty of the sky and the land, but from a nightly ritual on the ranch where Jones grew up. "My dad works so hard," she says, "'til the day's end."

Kassidy Jones was still in high school when she painted "Day's End." She was raised on a farm in Upton, Utah. She loves animals, horses in particular. Living on a farm gave her a great appreciation both for the beauty of the outdoors and for a strong work ethic.

2012 Council Award

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