Summit County Public Art

Train Going Through Hoytsville

Cutting through a lush emerald landscape while storm clouds gather above, a train passes through Hoytsville. The forward car bears the initials of the Union Pacific Railroad, with the following cars carting coal. The painting celebrates the completion of the railway between Coalville and Park City. Construction of the line started in 1880, less than a week before that year's first winter storms hit. In bitter cold, men shoveled snow off the ground before they laid track. Once the track was finished, coal could move into Park City, and ore from the silver mines could move out, a vast improvement over transport by horse and wagon, and a vast improvement for Summit County.

Cliff Vernon's love of painting started in high school when he found a mentor in North Summit High School teacher, Taylor Carmichael, who helped him to develop his talent. After graduation, painting fell aside as his time became scarce first due to military service, then a full-time job and a family. In 1985 life settled down for Vernon, and he was able to rekindle his passion for art. He started taking lessons from Carol France, and shortly after, one of Cliff 's first paintings took Best in Show at the Summit County Fair. He subsequently painted over a hundred paintings and took numerous blue ribbons for his work.

2013 Historical Society Purchase

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