Summit County Public Art

Lady in the Pink Hat

In Theron Gunn's acrylic on panel "Lady in the Pink Hat," an elegant woman gazes pensively into the middle distance. Behind the figure, a field of abstract green hints at a park, maybe, or the races, fresh grass, and warm air. Perhaps croquet. The woman's outfit is impeccable and a touch outrageous, with a pink ruffle at the scooped neckline of her sky blue dress matching the layers of ruffles, netting, flowers, and feathers of the enormous confection of her amazing millinery. Her hair is styled in curls like the queen's, while nearly a foot above her head, lilac colored ostrich feathers gently sway in the breeze. Her mood though, seems in contrast to her festive costume: thoughtful and slightly melancholic.

Theron Gunn is a native of Hoytsville, Utah, whose primary artistic medium has been leather, which Gunn uses as a medium for sculpture. He later expanded his media to include oil and acrylic painting. Theron was delighted by the council's interest in "Lady in the Pink Hat."

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