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Online Painting Lessons

August 1, 2020

Online Painting Lessons

  • Organization: Jane Hunt Art
  • Submission Deadline: August 1, 2020
  • Entry Fee: $18 - $285
  • Type: Workshop
  • Eligibility: International
  • Categories: Painting
  • Online Only: Yes

Jane Hunt OPA, AIS, has created a unique learning system that combines the best parts of a live painting workshop with the focused tutorial aspect of watching a video. Each session is a carefully curated lesson that’s a mix of step by step painting process, graphics that explain concepts, and video segments so you can actually watch those principles being demonstrated. Each includes an in-depth lesson, video access, Q & A, assignments, and group critique and much more.

Open to all levels and media. Jane will be leading viewers through the steps of landscape oil paintings, however, most of the concepts and essentials covered apply to all mediums and subjects.

The Essentials Course consists of 4 monthly sessions – Values, Color, Design, Perspective. Sessions can be taken individually or (ideally) as a full course.

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