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LaunchPAD (Public Art Duo) Program, Austin, Texas

December 31, 2018

LaunchPAD (Public Art Duo) Program, Austin, Texas

  • Organization: City of Austin
  • Submission Deadline: December 31, 2018
  • Type: Competition
  • Categories: Craft/Traditional Arts, Photography, Drawing, Film/Video/New Media, Mixed-Media/Multi-Discipline, Painting, Sculpture
  • Location: Austin, Texas

The LaunchPAD Program (PAD = Public Art Duo) provides an opportunity for local artists to gain technical and administrative expertise needed to compete within the field of public art while providing services benefiting a public art project. This program is meant to be a professional development opportunity for local artists interested in a career in public art.

When will a LaunchPAD Artist be included in a project?
It is a goal for each project with a budget over $200,000 to include a LaunchPAD Artist, as determined feasible by Art in Public Places (AIPP) staff and approved by the AIPP Panel and Arts Commission.

Budget Description
The funding source for each LaunchPAD Artist’s contract will come from the 2% percent for art portion of eligible funding from the sponsor project, with the understanding that each permanently commissioned work of public art requires a design phase and a fabrication/installation phase.

The LaunchPAD Artist will contract directly with the City for this opportunity. The artist will be paid a fee for the work and will have a limited travel allowance for at least one trip during the design or fabrication phase, as determined in collaboration with City staff and the commissioned artist.

1. The LaunchPAD artist will be paid a flat fee of $15,000 per project, divided into milestone payments defined in the contract, which is inclusive of all time and project related costs including insurance; coordination, research, project assistance in the design, fabrication, coordination and installation of artworks; creation of final reports; and possible participation in artist talks or exhibition of work at the end of the project.

2. A travel allowance is available to support a studio visit, a trip to the fabricator or other as determined by the scope of the artwork project, in collaboration with the commissioned artist and City staff. Travel expenses must be in accordance with current General Services Office rates for the travel destination.