5 Key Components That Every Artist Facebook Page Needs

Artwork Archive | August 7, 2015 (Updated April 12, 2021)

Facebook has over 1.44 billion monthly active users.

It’s also a quick and easy way to promote your art online - and it’s free! So how do you make the most of this massive pool of potential buyers and supporters?

Start by making sure your artist Facebook page has all the right components. That way Facebook users can get to know you and your art. And be more inclined to purchase a piece. Here are 5 key elements to help you on your way to a sensational and successful Facebook page.

1. A Compelling Short Description

Under your Facebook Profile Picture, have an engaging one to two sentence description about your art. Be creative. Need inspiration? Draw from your artist statement. Inform the page visitor about your art. The right words help the visitor connect with you and your art. It also provides them with a framework for the rest of your page.

2. A Captivating Profile Picture and Cover Photo

Be sure to select high-quality images that leave a fantastic first impression. Consider choosing one of your most striking pieces of art. You can also upload a photo of you at work. Remember this is usually the first aspect of your Facebook page a visitor will see. We suggest choosing a photo of you and your art for the Profile Picture. Then you can use the larger Cover Photo area to showcase your artwork.  

3. A Useful About Page

This is your opportunity to tell your Facebook page visitors more about you and your art. You can include a short biography about yourself - the story of your art career.  Flesh out your short description and tell your Facebook visitors about your inspiration and creative process. Avoid making anything too long though. We recommend including a way for visitors to contact you and view more of your art. You can add your Artwork Archive Public Profile link. Then people can see your professional online portfolio AND contact you to purchase work.

4. A Gorgeous Gallery of Your Work

People that visit your artist Facebook page expect to see art. Upload your work under photos so visitors can easily peruse your work. You can organize your art into different albums based on the type, the collection, or whatever you desire. Be sure to upload new pieces periodically so visitors have new art to interact with. This keeps your fans inspired and excited. And the more art you have in your Facebook “gallery” the more pieces people can engage with. Facebook fans can share your art on their own pages and spread the word about your art.

5. An Informative Credit for Each Artwork

Don’t forget to add a credit for each artwork you upload. When Facebook visitors scroll down your page, your name is left at the top. A caption under your photos will remind them whose art they are viewing. Include your name, the title of the work, the medium, and the dimension. The medium and dimension are especially important. They allow the visitor to visualize your art as it would appear in person. Want more information on crediting your art. Check out Art Biz Coach Alyson Stanfield’s article Crediting Your Artwork.

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