Summit County Public Art

Parley's Canyon Art Piano features views of the Wasatch Mountains into Parley's Canyon. The landscape collage depicts the area seen by travelers as they enter Summit County via interstate 80.

Nathan Florence has always loved to draw. When he was a kid, he would save his sketchbooks for doing drawings that were really good. As a result they didn╩╝t get used, but Nathan drew on everything else; his shoes, his pants, the door of his bedroom, and the walls. Florence grew up in Denver and then Salt Lake City. Nathan currently lives and works in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Art Pianos for All, founded by local photographer and artist Mark Mazierz, seeks to bring back the piano as a centerpiece of music, community, art, and fun by placing artist decorated pianos in public areas for all to play. An annual pop-up concert series utilizing the pianos began in 2019 and features professional Utah orchestra members playing the pianos on site.

Parley's Canyon Art Piano is located in the hotel lobby left of the reception desk.

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