Summit County Public Art

Yellow in Bloom

Martina Hebert's acrylic on canvas landscape demonstrates a deft combination of skill and restraint. "Yellow in Bloom" depicts grassy hills behind a pared-down field of flowers. For her sky, Hebert keeps the work loose. Instead of blending the paint to create a gradual fade of blue, she instead uses a large brush and leaves a blocky gradation, which reads almost as very large pixels. She achieves a depth of color, a mottled field of blue that the viewer's eye blends into sky. The flowers in the foreground are composed of fast, energetic splotches of colors: red, orange, and yellow. Instead of careful rendering, Hebert employs a high-energy percussive application of her paint that harkens to Impressionism, but, with the chunky sky, also gives a nod to contemporary digital photography.

Martina Hebert is a resident of Park City, Utah, and painted "Yellow in Bloom" while still a high school student. "I got the idea after working on some abstract paintings in my high school art class," Martina says. "With landscapes being my favorite subject to paint, I tried doing a more abstract-like feel to my landscape."

2014 Council Award

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