Firepot V

  • Fire-burned gourd, brass alloy gilding.
  • 6 x 10 x 10 in
  • $450.00
  • Serena Kovalosky
  • Available

Serena Kovalosky's "Firepot" series is an ongoing exploration into Native American "fire medicine" prompted by a Native American firekeeping experience. Serena Kovalosky participated in a 36-hour sleepless vigil with firekeeper Rick Hunt to witness and document the Abenaki tradition of tending the sacred fire during a Native American powwow.

Click to view Kovalosky's firekeeping journal: KEEPER of the FIRE

Gourds in this "Firepot" series are gently held over an open fire, resulting in the unique markings on the exterior. Specialty heirloom gourds with exceptionally thick shells are used in this series.

Read the artist's journal entry for insights into the creative process: SERENA SMOKING POT

The interior is gilded with a brass alloy leaf, symbolic of the power of fire energy. The gilding will age over many years. The effect is intentional to reflect the ephemeral nature of fire.

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