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"Pecheurs Venitiens" #C99

"Pecheurs Venitiens" (Venetian Fishermen) was again an 'over-paint' by DIEGO. This very real depiction of the tough life they lived is featured in the deluxe coffee-table book by Stephen Max, DVP Producer in Canada: The Beauty of Diego Stephen also featured it in a Newsletter which was reproduced in his 2nd book: "The Chronicles of Antonio DIEGO Voci." The painting is also one of the many that DIEGO may have over-painted, crossing out the original title - here he may also have changed it from Vertical to Horizontal position - all to get it just right.

#Impressionism, #Cubism, #Surrealism, #Realism, #Abstract and #Fauvism - all experienced the hand of Diego Voci who was fascinated by the beauty and mystery of the face and figure, whether the female body nude or in ballet, or the etched lines of life's hardships in an old man's face, or the grace and power of the horse. Diego's versatility was his strength. Diego not only saw and realized human frailty, the desire and longing of the human to be something more, seeking but not to find; but also he understood man's animal instinct to overpower, offset by the object's instinct to resist.

In honor of DIEGO's 100th Anniversary Stephen Max, DVP (Diego Voci Project) Producer presented a new collection of faces for your viewing: ARTIST_OF_A_THOUSAND_FACES_by_Stephen_Max

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