Cooprider Family Collection

"Closer" by Shauna Peck

From the LA TIMES: "A first one-person show for Shauna Peck is impressive. Peck forms craggy looking shapes of bronze, cast concrete, cement and slate. Long bowed shapes arch across the gallery walls, a minimal-looking slab leans into a wall, a hollow mellon-sized pod erupts at its center as if it delivered up some strange life form.

Described as artifactual, the works really allude not to the past but to the future. Peck's sculptures look like abstract art objects, the detritus of high technology and remnants of nature, all unearthed after some futuristic holocaust. In spite of these allusions that give the work fullness and depth, this is by no means apocalyptic art.

Carefully edited and well-staged, glistening with lean artsy elegance, the work keynotes the interaction of object, viewer and viewing space, the inherently ritualistic value of shapes and the relationship between contrived and natural forms. (Pence Gallery, 908 Colorado Ave., to Aug. 22.)

Fro information on work, that is reflective of the time frame Shauna created CLOSER see the photo "Investigations in Equilibrium". During that period,my work reflected the concept of equilibrium. I was most interested in the concept of equilibrium, regarding how it pertains to human relationships. However my research led me down many paths. I certainly began to understand the importance of balance- in all systems from-economics -mathematics to personal relationships. Certainly-behavioral relationships can be used to understand how people will react in an economic environment.The work CLOSER needs to be installed precisely to ensure the the two elements become one. It is possible, the two elements can create a perfect union, without disruption.

My current work, reflects the importance of balance in nature.Modern ecologists no longer believe-that a balance exists. During the period I produced CLOSER, writers who reviewed my work, suggested my work revealed a view of the future. My current work certainly is reflective of the same premise. I have recently finish a body of work. I have several studio visits scheduled from galleries in Los Angeles."

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