Cooprider Family Collection

"George" Figure 36 by Dean Barrett

  • Fiberglass and Mixed Media
  • 90.5 x 64 in
    (229.87 x 162.56 cm)
  • $22,000.00
  • Dean Barrett

This piece named "George" by Patti Cooprider stands as the security guard at our front door. US Magazine ran an article on John Goodman around 10 years ago showing the Actor standing next to another of Dean Barrett's sculpture. A similar version to ours.

Dean Barrett was one of the artists represented by Nicholas #Treadwell in his book on #Superhumanism. Please search for Graham IBBESON and Malcolm POYNTER here in our collection. Learn more about how #Treadwell Gallery 's owner Nic documented his thoughts on #Superhumanism:
Nic Treadwell Gallery

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