CAPtivating Creations

  • April 22, 2021 - August 26, 2021
Hamilton Gallery - On Site Exhibition

Welcome to CAPtivating Creations! You can find us on the first floor of Children's Hospital Anschutz Campus to the right of the coffee shop or here online.

CAPtivating Creations Gallery Walk

"CAPtivating Creations" is the team member art show at Children's Hospital Colorado 2021. It began when the Resiliency and Wellness teams were inspired by a medicine cap mural seen at another children’s hospital. Over the last 3 years, this project has combined teamwork, individual resilience, environmental stewardship, and team creativity in ways that we only imagined. Each mural that you see was designed and created by a specific team at Children’s Hospital Colorado, using medicine caps that were saved from the care of our patients. The new arrangements of these colored caps connect hundreds and thousands of families’ medical support and treatment, as created by the hands of their providers and treatment teams. The murals themselves symbolize so much, both in design and materials.

We hope that in viewing this show, you are inspired to explore new avenues to build creative collective vision, to bring people together around that vision, and to transform ordinary items into art. We also hope that you gain insight into the passion and purpose of each team that created them, through their innovative spirits in these CAPtivating creations. Truly, “Here It’s Different”​

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