Seeds of Creation

  • Digital Painting
  • 16 x 20 in
  • Bragino

The Seeds of Creation are perpetual and eternal. May you bask in the glory of the Earth and all that it gives birth to. Plant a seed and help it grow, watch it swim in the depths of your soul and give birth to your most incredible adventures..

This image started out roughly as a scanned abstract painting that I created based on the human figure. Any remnants of that original sketched image have been completely painted over digitally but the basis of that original image is what's driving the composition, energy, and life of this piece. I had a great deal of fun while I was painting this image exploring the landscape of this underwater environment and peppering in details and design ideas throughout the entire composition. I see this image as a reminder of the soul and the beautiful place where all ideas and dreams are born. May you find solace and hope contained in this image to help you continually re-imagine, cultivate, and grow the precious and beautiful seeds of your life.

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