How to Build Your Digital Presence in 3 Steps

Artwork Archive | September 14, 2017 (Updated April 12, 2021)

Building and Maintaining a Digital Presence as an Artist

Networking and relationship building is the foundation on which great businesses and careers are built. And, with the ubiquitous popularity of digital platforms, it’s easier than ever to build an audience.

However, it takes an incredible amount of work, decision-making, and strategy to implement and maintain an effective digital presence.

Artists should think critically before executing any one area of a content plan—especially online.  

The fundamental question you should ask yourself before sitting down to create your digital presence strategy is:

What do I want people to remember about me when they see my content?

Your answer to that question will ultimately be your “message” and it should be reiterated consistently and thoroughly throughout all of your digital platforms—on the web, on social media, search engines, artist boards, and other digital networks.

Once you have an idea about what your signature style and message is, you’ll be ready to get started. But, before you get the ball rolling, remember these 3 important facts about building and maintaining a digital presence as an artist:

Content is still king.

Whether it’s a blog or social media post or a description of your artwork, you want your content to reflect your brand and signature style. You want your clients to get to know who you are and what you stand for. Everything you say, do, share, and re-share reflects you and your business. So choose wisely.

Read up on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Be sure to include words that will attract your client base. If you are really serious about increasing your digital presence, plan out a full content strategy the week ahead of time so you have planned posts for each day of the week across platforms.

Looking for ways to get started on your media plan? Check out the book Secrets of the Art World by Litsa Spanos, owner of ADC Art Design Consultants, which includes templates to help artists get started with their social media strategy.

Good design is critical.

Have you ever heard the phrase: It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it?

In other words: delivery matters.

How you deliver and package your content is essential. You can have well-crafted sentences and information-packed posts, but if the images, fonts, and templates you use are unappealing, poor-quality, or outdated, you’re going to turn people off. You can’t skimp on photography or design elements.

As an artist, you are your images.

If people come to your website, blogs, or social media sites and see a lack of attention to detail in the design, it will again, reflect back on you. Make sure the design elements on every social media platform are consistent and of the highest quality.

Diversify your platforms. Be where your clients are.

When we tell artists to focus on their digital presence, they often tell us they have a website. That’s a crucial element, but it's not enough on its own.

You need to be where your clients are.

Have you set up social media pages where your target audiences are?

Are they on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn?

Are you engaging with clients and followers in a meaningful way?

Are you following, sharing, and responding?

Are you posting relevant content?

Are your events up to date?

Is guest blogging something you could do to expand your social network?

Are you purchasing paid advertising? (Again: content, design, and a strategy matters here, too.)

It's all about being where your audience is and engaging with them in an authentic and consistent way.

Think Beyond Social Media

It’s not just the social media platforms you need to think about. There are several resources now where artists can partner online galleries and storefronts to advertise and promote their work. By partnering with online galleries like Blink Art you can promote your artwork on the online Blink Art store.

Guest Post by ADC Art Design Consultants, LLC

If you need help establishing your digital presence and need more resources, visit ADC Art Design Consultants and subscribe to the blog to receive weekly tips that will help enhance your career as an artist.

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