You can now share artworks between Artwork Archive accounts.

Looking for ways to scale back your paperwork in 2022? 

With our new Direct Upload tool, Artists with Artwork Archive accounts can upload artworks directly into Organization accounts–meaning effortless sharing of images & information between artists and the venues that exhibit and sell their art. 

The use cases are endless, but here are a few examples: 

  • An artist needs to share artworks with their gallery or dealer

  • An exhibitor requests artwork information from the artist 

  • A nonprofit arts program solicits calls for artists 

  • A retiring artist gifts their studies to a local university 

  • Plus many more opportunities!


The process is simple and straightforward. 

Since Artwork Archive is the preferred online art inventory management system used across the world, you'll be surprised by how many individuals and groups have an account. That means that artists* can easily share images and artwork information, safely and securely, in seconds. Organizations are cutting down hours of work and staff time by soliciting art in a click of a button. 

Learn more about the process here.

*Artists without Artwork Archive accounts can also upload artworks into an Organization account. They’ll receive a form using the Artist Upload tool rather than this direct connection.


The Direct Upload tool saves art administrators and artists hours of time.

How exactly does this tool help arts organizations?

You’ll have a direct connection to artists with an Artwork Archive account—cutting down on the back-and-forth that accompanies communications between artists and exhibition partners. 

Whether you’re planning an upcoming show or populating your account with new inventory, you don’t have to enter the information. The artist will send it directly from their account.

You’ll avoid mistakes. Since the data is coming directly from the artist’s account, it will most likely be entered correctly–meaning no miscommunication in title, medium, creation date, price, etc.

One thing that we really love, especially for rotating exhibits, is the artist can upload their artworks and images to our Artwork Archive account. That saves a lot of time...This all had to be done in different forms before. Now it's in one place. – Jennifer Collins-Mancour, Visual Arts Coordinator for Arts & Health at Duke at Duke University Hospital

How exactly does this tool help artists?

You don’t have to re-enter artwork information. You already have it stored in one, easy-to-access place–your Artwork Archive account. Now you can transfer that information with a click of a button. 

You’ll build strong relationships with your exhibitors. With a direct connection via Artwork Archive accounts, your galleries, dealers and art centers will enjoy working with you as you’ll save them hours of time and admin work. 

You’ll present yourself professionally. We already made it extremely easy for you to share your portfolio with inventory reports, Private Rooms and consignment reports, and this is another tool in your art business toolkit.


Online collaboration is now expected and a necessity.

Artwork Archive is committed to helping artists and organizations work smarter to achieve their goals. Online collaboration is a key component in success. It's a challenging time for arts nonprofits, galleries and artists, and both need to find ways to save time, cut back on administrative tasks, and focus on the initiatives that will propel their businesses and missions forward.

The Direct Upload Tool makes managing exhibitions and calls for artists easy and streamlined. It's a win-win for artists and organizations.

By continually improving accessibility and upgrading features, Artwork Archive makes growing any art business or arts program intuitive.

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