Art Organizations Share Why They Chose Artwork Archive

Elysian Koglmeier | June 14, 2022

Image courtesy of Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.


Hear testimonials from 20+ collecting groups – museums, schools, municipalities, galleries, and corporations – on why Artwork Archive is an indispensable tool for managing their art collections. 

Have you heard Artwork Archive mentioned in conversation by a neighboring institution, or your art consultant or a fellow arts professional? Maybe you’ve seen one of our webinars or have read our articles. But, still don’t know what Artwork Archive is all about? Or if it’s right for your art collection?

Here’s the scoop! Artwork Archive is an online art collection management system that acts as an all-in-one solution for managing and protecting your art collection. 

Artwork Archive is built with powerful technology to support global enterprises but has the ease-of-use, simplicity and affordable price tag appreciated by small, local nonprofits. No matter the size of your collection or the expanse of your reach, we’re here to help you digitize, organize, and share your artworks, artifacts and collectibles.

With over a decade in business, we've gathered hundreds of positive reviews. See why these institutions can’t live without Artwork Archive:


Art inventory management is made simple with Artwork Archive's cloud-based tools. 

Artwork Archive makes it easy to stay on top of your art collection. 

“Using Artwork Archive has been easy, enjoyable, and incredibly practical. Artwork Archive is customizable to the person or institution implementing it. It also consolidates all the relevant information about a piece on one page while still allowing for multiple avenues of discovery. Items are very searchable and it is easy to navigate between different pages and elements.”  – Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation 


Transfer your data quickly and easily with an easy-to-navigate site.

“With their batch upload option, Artwork Archive makes it simple to upload a large quantity of information just by filling out a spreadsheet. Something that initially would have taken hours has been reduced to 1/10th of that time. Once uploaded, the website is easy to navigate and acts as an efficient way to keep an inventory of all your pieces of art.” – City of Boulder Office of Arts + Culture


Digitize, track and share your collections, of all sizes, with ease.

"The Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC) has been working with Artwork Archive since 2017. CPAC has a permanent collection of over 800 photographs and we needed a database to help track all of the collection. I was excited to work with a local business that fit our database needs. We have been able to organize the photographs and make them searchable online. Allowing this great resource to be accessible to the public." – The Colorado Photographic Arts Center


Artwork Archive is a multifaceted database that you’ll actually love to use.

“Why do we love Artwork Archive? It’s user-friendly, easy to use, has multiple users with restrictions capability, a public portal to share collections, great customer service, an attractive interface, and an openness from Artwork Archive to suggest new features.

This software is extremely user-friendly and has so many usable features that have already increased the visibility of our permanent and rotating exhibits. Artist profitability has increased dramatically since we implemented this system. And sharing information is so much easier than our old system. Another feature that helped us make our decision was the number of active users you can have on the account and customizable restrictions. Even though the thought of migrating over 4,000 records and associated images was daunting, the customer service team was right there to help every step of the way. All in all, we are extremely satisfied.” – Arts & Health at Duke University


A CMS can be critical for the success of your institution or company.

“Artwork Archive has been incredibly valuable to our company; to have such a convenient way to organize and manage our collection with one tool is paramount.” - Neiman Marcus


Track your artworks, contacts, exhibitions, purchases, sales, and more with Artwork Archive's intuitive interface.


Artwork Archive has exceptional customer service.

Have access to attentive, helpful, and friendly support from REAL humans!

“My experience with Artwork Archive has been overwhelmingly positive. The customer service is unbeatable! They are attentive, helpful, and friendly. They are dedicated to giving you the smoothest and least complicated experience. They deliver prompt responses and even offer the option to work things out over the phone if it makes more sense. Artwork Archive puts in a team effort to make everything you need a top priority.” - City of Boulder Office of Arts + Culture


Get answers quickly.

"I greatly appreciate the prompt and comprehensive support the Artwork Archive team has been providing." – Singapore Management University


Artwork Archive evolves to fit your needs.

“The staff are committed to improving the platform and highly receptive to suggestions on how to make the platform more useful to our academic museum.” – Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art at UNLV


Making the switch from another CMS is straightforward and free. 

More modern and easy-to-use tools than Filemaker Pro.

“​​We switched from Filemaker Pro to Artwork Archive because of Artwork Archive's impressive functionality. Filemaker didn't offer nearly as many tools as Artwork Archive. Also, from a bandwidth perspective, we had to deal with massive files in Filemaker and it would crash our computers. With Artwork Archive it is easy to log in quickly. I can ask, "how did we treat this work in 2012? And look at a report in my account and find the answer easily. It's not as easy in Filemaker. It took longer to load. And, with Artwork Archive, we don't have to be on a desktop to access it. When I am in the terminal I can make a note in Artwork Archive. The platform has simple tools that are so helpful since we are in terminals all the time.”–  San Diego International Airport


Your collection management system should be simple and a delight to use.

“Before Artwork Archive, we utilized Filemaker which is cumbersome because it did not allow more than a few registered users to access the artwork collection via traditional desktop. Because of Artwork Archive's cloud-based technology our art collection can be seen from anywhere even via smartphone!

It's easy for our staff to access and locate art around our campus. Plus donors and friends can utilize the Artwork Archive website to find their favorite art pieces or donated artwork. Artwork Archive also allows us to build "collections" or categories of our collection, so it's easy to search these categories and find art pieces.” – Children’s Hospital Colorado


Organizations are glad that they changed their database to Artwork Archive. 

“We made the switch from Re: discovery Proficio. The old system was not very user-friendly. It had a lot of features we did not need. A lot of features were add-ons meaning you would be charged for more functionality. But ultimately, what it really came down to was our need for a public viewing portal and the ability to share and integrate other systems into Artwork Archive seamlessly.” – Arts & Health at Duke University


Other art databases can be overly complex, clunky, and expensive.

“Previous collection management solutions were overly complex and a drain on resources. Artwork Archive has saved us significant time and effort by providing an easy-to-use platform without forcing us to compromise on features. That, combined with their fantastic customer service, has made this an ideal solution for our needs.”– Jerry Garcia Foundation


Data migration is smooth, easy, and secure with Artwork Archive.

“Artwork Archive helped make the transfer from ArtSystems easy and was incredibly supportive throughout the transfer and onboarding process. The platform has dramatically simplified so much of what we do and we are very happy with our decision to make the switch." – New York City Health + Hospitals


Switch to a database that is constantly updating and releasing new features.

“Our database that was established 7 years ago, became slow, rigid, inefficient and too expensive for regular upgrading and development. So we switched to Artwork Archive.” – Osten World Gallery


Reach your goals without overspending. 

"We made the switch from Filemaker Pro because it was expensive, only allowed access on a certain amount of computers (with the downloadable software), was extremely hard to learn without detailed training, and didn't provide us with many of the goals of providing access to our community through websites, sharing rooms, etc." – University Art Museum at New Mexico State University


Artwork Archive helps you manage all aspects of your art collection.

With cloud-based tools, you can access and update your art database no matter where you are. 

I highly recommend this database and the company as a whole. I love how easy it is to add files on the fly! It's cloud-based so, I can access it on any of my devices. I use it in collaboration with the many stakeholders who work on the hospital's art program with me. It's also very easy to learn to use, as opposed to many of the databases I've been exposed to before. Plus, their customer service is impeccable!” – Stanford Children’s Health


Artwork Archive is the most powerful solution for collection management.

“I especially like the Maintenance and Reminders features. We want to make sure that we are on top of conservation. For instance, we know that a particular piece needs a treatment every two years. I can put in a reminder every 18 months to make sure we are checking in. We are a small team. We get busy. We get bogged down. The reminder comes up even before I walk into the terminal.” – San Diego International Airport 


Maintenance tracking with its Reminder system is one of the most popular tools within Artwork Archive.


Make your upcoming artist selection process easier whether you're managing an RFQ or planning a show. 

“We use Artwork Archive to manage the various facets of our Corporate Art Program. Artwork Archive acts as a database of artwork for our team to make client selections; we then share those selections directly with clients, via private viewing rooms. And, once the work is installed, we share an exhibition link with clients, and create QR codes for in-office signage, allowing folks to learn more about the artists and artworks on view in their office.” Cambridge Arts Association

Preserve critical information about your objects.

“Being able to upload multiple different file formats to an entry has also allowed us to create more robust files on our collection.” – Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art at UNLV


Save administrative time and resources.

Free up your time for other important tasks.

“I like most that I am able to empower the artists to submit their own work through the submission portal rather than migrating all of the information myself. It has decreased my workload and freed up time to speak with the artists more intimately.” TILA Studios


Reduce friction and coordination tasks by giving your colleagues access to the database.

“Artwork Archive is an indispensable resource to Children’s Hospital Colorado. It makes it super easy for the hospital’s foundation team or other teams around the hospital to locate specific artworks when we receive inquiries from donors, artists and the public. Plus the maintenance feature is a useful tool for tracking repairs and maintenance to artwork located in multiple satellites locations.” – Children’s Hospital Colorado


This is the kind of software company that gives software companies a good name.

"Artwork Archive has a great private face for us to track our non-profit, permanent, public art collection of 1500+ works (in 10 campus buildings) and growing; and it has a great public face for our students and the community to study and learn more about the art collection. In terms of art collections software management, I don't think you'll find better than the team at Artwork Archive. They are superbly responsive and help out well when you have a question (and I have a lot of questions). The software does everything we need art collection software to do, and they keep coming up with new features we didn't know we needed but turn out to be super helpful. I have worked with other art collection software that's fabulously expensive (you know who they are) and nowhere near as good. Artwork Archive is a tremendous value for the money, and I am hugely grateful for the great team at Artwork Archive making this great product.” – Hudson County Community College


Simplify your workflow. Allow artists to submit artworks directly into your account.

“The Cambridge Art Association (CAA) uses Artwork Archive to manage artworks in our Corporate Art Program. Once artists are enrolled, we give them access to upload images directly - streamlining the process for CAA and our artists.” – The Cambridge Art Association


Artwork Archive is an intuitive platform adored by its clients. 

“Artwork Archive was recommended to me by a colleague who also oversees a relatively small art collection. As soon as I contacted them they immediately responded with a helpful demonstration and answer to all my questions. The product is very intuitive, easy to navigate, and has a clean look. It also allows easy posting to social media. There is the additional advantage of reporting in various formats that allow for inventory analysis. A great product!” – Blackfriars Gallery & Library at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology



Promote discoverability with Artwork Archive’s web presence. 

Your small collection can have a big impact.

“Artwork Archive has greatly raised Northglenn Arts' profile. With such a robust and accessible system, Artwork Archive has allowed a smaller collection like ours, to have far greater reach and impact.” – Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation 


Extend your reach.

“The virtual show was a big hit - in the time of Covid it was so nice to extend our reach and make people who couldn’t come feel included. Artwork Archive is so easy to work with!  Thank you for all your support  to make it a smooth launch.” – Point O’ Woods Arts Association


Bring your collection and exhibitions online effortlessly. 

“The pandemic put a stop to our in-person exhibits. We were forced to either go virtual or go dark while we waited for, and look forward to, things being safe again. Of course, we opted for virtual. While we had utilized an application to collect show entries in the past, the logistics of staging virtual shows was difficult. We initially used a number of different platforms, none integrated and all difficult to manage, for different steps in the process.

Artwork Archive has helped us integrate the collection of art submissions, organize our shows (jurying and judging entries and managing images) and publish our exhibits virtually. We are using the “Private Room” functionality to create these shows and share with our audience.

The system works seamlessly and beautifully…and at a cost that fit our budget.

We are looking forward to being back in the gallery. And I am sure that we will continue to use Artwork Archive to streamline our process and produce virtual exhibits in tandem with our eventual return to in-person shows.” – Rockville Art League

Create and share online exhibitions with Artwork Archive to host stand-alone virtual shows or offer a complimentary hybrid experience.


Make your mission, programming, and objects more accessible.

Easy access for your staff, researchers, students, and other audiences. 

“Moving our museum's database online allows for easier access for museum staff, university students, researchers, and the community. When we had to shut down in-person visits to the museum, we were still able to connect our community to the works in our collection and easily aid researchers with their inquiries. Having a cloud-based platform has been incredibly helpful for allowing public access, as well as letting our staff work more easily from home.” – Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art at UNLV

Let's flip it and hear from the student voice:

"Artwork Archive is the best introduction to Collections Management that I could have asked for. I feel like being trusted by my team at the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art to work on our Artwork Archive profile has prepared me for my future career in collections management and conservation in more ways than one. I have grown much more confident in my ability to work in collections and the many features in such a user-friendly program gives me a great base knowledge for other databases (but why use others when Artwork Archive is so easy to use and so open to feedback to make a great program greater?). I wholeheartedly believe that being proficient in Artwork Archive makes me even more of a competitive candidate when applying to schools and jobs." Lauren Dominguez, UNLV student and collections assistant at the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art


Artwork Archive is perfect for managing public art collections.

We needed a way for our constituents to see the scope of public art in the community. Artwork Archive allowed us to showcase that public art in a compelling, customizable way. We love it for its flexibility and customization to our needs. The Integration with the look and feel of our online promotion of local public art was seamless. We were considering ArcGIS but we decided to choose Artwork Archive for its ease of use and easy integration.” – Arts Cheyenne


Artwork Archive is affordable. Spend the saved dollars in other areas of your budget.

You don’t need grant funding for your new CMS.

Why did we choose Artwork Archive? Cost…and it had all of the features we needed. And some we didn't even realize we needed. The cost is extremely affordable in comparison to other systems out there.” – Arts & Health at Duke University


Don’t pay for staff training. Education and onboarding is included with Artwork Archive.

"It is great to have such a simple system that holds a lot of power to connect the public and staff to the Museum's Collection. We wanted something that was more in line with technology and connection to easily make the collection accessible to the public through our website. As well as be accessible to all of the staff. We were able to set up and do the data migration and training on our own instead of having to pay for training." – San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles


Drive sales and engagement with Artwork Archive.

Sell artwork beyond your gallery walls.

“Even before the migration of the permanent collection, we started documenting all of our rotating exhibits since January.  The response has been truly incredible.  Requests for purchasing artwork have basically tripled.  And now we are so happy to be able to share our Permanent Collection, providing a much more engaging experience for our patients, visitors and staff.” – Arts & Health at Duke University


Use your art database to fundraise online.

“With Artwork Archive, we were able to expand and extend the reach of our event and art sales.  And the intuitive user interface allowed our event intern and volunteers to manage the online gallery with minimal training.” – Winter Park Paint Out, Polasek Museum & Sculpture Garden


Boost interaction with your exhibitions.

"We tripled the number of votes for our annual staff exhibition. People were able to engage without being on campus and in the hospital." – Gifts of Art at Michigan Medicine


Take your art program to new heights with Artwork Archive. 

Create a new standard for stewardship with a powerful database.

“Artwork Archive has been an instrumental partner in helping take Children's Hospital Colorado's arts program to new heights. With Artwork Archive we have increased access to art across our System of Care and created a new standard for stewardship of our fine art collection. With Artwork Archive's suite of services we are able to create virtual exhibitions, catalog every piece of art, track donor and artist information, and more easily implement pieces for the greatest benefit of our audiences.” – Children’s Hospital Colorado


Artwork Archive is an art gallery software that is perfect for small collections.

I have found Artwork Archive to be interested in what we are doing and willing to work with us to ensure that the software is matching our needs. We are a small gallery and so our needs parallel but they have been actively engaged.” – Blackfriars Gallery & Library at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology


Potential is limitless with Artwork Archive.

"Within under a year, this database has truly advanced our museum database systems to another level. We are able to easily track and document all of our pieces on any laptop, iPad, or phone as needed. We can quickly create rooms to share with visiting scholars, and on-campus professors which has vastly increased our ability to work collaboratively with our NMSU campus and outside. As we continue to use the software, I am certain that we will continue to find new and innovative ways in which the system provides quick and purposeful solutions to many of the issues we had with our older previous database." – University Art Museum at New Mexico State University


Artwork Archive goes above and beyond its role as a vendor.

Artwork Archive creates free resources for the arts community – artists, collectors, and organizations. 

"Artwork Archive is an invaluable asset for artists. We are constantly sharing out the resources they generate for artists–I'm a big fan of their blog and grants listings. Artwork Archive helps arts professionals and advocates like myself serve our communities. I'm always reposting Artwork Archive's social media content for our Boulder-based artists.” – City of Boulder Office of Arts + Culture


Consider us for your next collaboration.

“Access to creative arts in the hospital provides inspiration, respite, and joy. Artwork Archive goes above and beyond a partner or vendor, they are true collaborators who recognize that a compassionate touch makes all the difference. Their team is always looking for ways to strengthen the work we do.” – Children’s Hospital Colorado


Want to see what all the hype is about?

We believe that every arts organization should have the tools to easily digitize, organize and share their precious artworks and cultural heritage. The Artwork Archive team is driven to make art more accessible and to help promote and preserve the legacies of artists, collectors, and the institutions supporting them. 

Try Artwork Archive for free.

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