3 Insights You Should Know About Your Art Business

Artwork Archive | August 29, 2017 (Updated April 12, 2021)

Where your work is selling best

We’ve spoken with hundreds of artists over the years who are worried about the side effects of not tracking their artwork and how it will impact the rest of their career.

Work going missing, double selling a piece, forgetting to pick up art from a showing—these actions all scream “unprofessional” to the people you are trying to impress the most and costs you time and money.

It can be like swimming upstream. Why make running an art business harder than it needs to be?

Once you know exactly where your pieces are around the globe and for how long they’ll be there, you can manage your career without all the stress. You’ll get insight into what’s available to sell or show, when to send and pick up pieces, what clients you should reach out to again, and so much more.

In the end, making a living as an artist depends on one thing: selling your work. And, that means getting your pieces in front of the people who love them the most.

The total value of your inventory 

You need to be able to quickly and easily see the monetary value of originals and prints in your inventory, out at a location, and what’s been sold.

Because when you can see the worth of your pieces at a particular location and compare it to how much is being sold, then you can determine which locations are performing the best for your art business.

That gallery selling the most work and value? You’ll want to keep that location stocked and on good terms.

This bird’s eye view will help you understand when it’s time to switch things up and try new locations or put more time and effort into what’s working without reinventing the wheel.

Which works are selling best

Speaking of selling strategy, take it one step further by quickly comparing how many works you’ve created versus how many you’ve sold. Why? You’ll get a better sense of what you need to be focusing on—creating or selling.

For instance, if your stack of available works is quickly shrinking, it might be time to get back in the studio. On the flip side, a bunch of unsold work might make you realize it’s time to put the brush down and hit the pavement again.

You should track production and sales by physical number, but also by value. Are your more expensive works selling better? Maybe it’s time to make more limited edition prints? See what type of value is resonating with your target buyers and keep that in mind while creating.

The more you know…the more effectively you’ll be able to run your art business.

Getting insights into your art business strategy is basically keeping more money in your pocket. You can start doing more of what works and stop wasting time on what doesn’t, so you can make a living doing what you love.

The best part? There’s an easy way to get all of these insights without spending hours combing through spreadsheets and crunching numbers on a calculator.

Monitor your artwork's performance across the board, so you can make informed decisions about your art career. Plus, keep track of your schedule, manage your buyers’ contact information, print reports, and promote your work.

With the click of a button, you can view maps and charts filled with this vital information with a free trial of Artwork Archive, an inventory management software made just for artists.

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