The Ultimate Art Fair Packing List | Free Download

Katie Carey | May 2, 2017 (Updated May 25, 2022)

Artist Lisa Rose in her booth at "Under the Oaks" Art Show in Vero Beach. Photo courtesy of the artist. 

How do we always manage to forget something? Every. Time. 

You pull up to the art fair and start setting up your space. After a few minutes, it hits you. You forgot the hooks you were going to use to hang your artwork. The panic sets in.

There is a lot to keep track of and a lot going on during the days leading up to an art fair! Artwork, displays, labels, signs, an email list—not to mention tools you’ll need just to set up. But, to make sure you (and your booth) remain professional and ready to sell art in any situation, you’ll need to have the essential items for set-up, marketing, and sales already by your side.

Take the stress and uncertainty out of packing by using this ultimate art fair packing checklist. 

Pack and prep without the stress.

Download and print the art fair checklist, so you can cross off items as you pack them!

Once you’re packed, don’t forget to brush up on these 13 art fair do’s and don’ts to make sure your weekend of selling is as successful as possible.

Be prepared and stay organized with Artwork Artwork Archive. Start your free trial here.

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