New Feature Alert: My Docs on Artwork Archive

Artwork Archive | March 13, 2018

Having trouble managing where all the important files for your art business live?

Artwork Archive has built a new library for you to upload, store and share all of your most frequently used documents for your art business.

Have you ever had a gallery request your bio or artist statement, only to waste time scrambling through a mess of folders on your desktop, unable to find your latest version? With business folders mixed in with all of your personal information that it’s hard to know what’s what.

Now, all your art-related documents are stored in one place so you can access files and notes no matter where you are—on your laptop or smartphone.

With My Docs, you can now store your artist statement, bio, resume and much more side-by-side with your art inventory, sales insights, and contact information.


How does it work?

With My Docs, you can now store all of the important documents needed for your art business on Artwork Archive, including:

  • Resume/CV

  • Bio

  • Artist Statement

  • Proposals

  • Press documents

  • Tax records and more!

Even better, you’ll be able to package and send these documents directly from your Artwork Archive account to the people who need them.

Exciting news!

No more fumbling through your computer folders, scrambling to find the documents you need. Rest at ease knowing you’ll have more of the important information for your art business stored securely and all in one place.

And because your art business information is so easy to find and send, you’ll be able to present yourself professionally to all of your important clients.

See how easy it is for your art business to stay organized. Upload your first document to My Docs here.

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