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Gifts of Art presents Animal/Vegetable/Mineral: Ceramics by Susan Crowell

Gifts of Art Gallery - University Hospital Main Corridor, Fl. 2 - On Site Exhibition
  • Susan Crowell x

About the Artist

Susan Crowell is Professor of Art at the University of Michigan, where she teaches ceramics and holds a joint appointment in the Residential College and the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design. A Fulbright Scholar, she studied architectural ceramics at Centro Internazionale di Ceramica in Rome and directed and taught in the University of Michigan’s Program in Florence, Italy. Professor Crowell conducts research and exhibits her work locally, nationally, and internationally. She has presented projects and exhibitions in Canada (at Banff), Japan (at Shigaraki and Miyazaki), Italy (Rome, Venice and Florence), Taiwan, Denmark, China, France, and the U.S., and she has participated in a variety of international venues and residencies.

Crowell’s research and artistic practice has focused upon pollen forms and the process of pollination. Deploying her appreciation of the role of technology in revealing the natural world, she applies the science and aesthetics of botany and apiculture (bee keeping) toward the creation of ceramic sculpture, using cast and handbuilt forms. In doing so, Professor Crowell presents an expanded view of pollen within the problematics of industrialized honey production, global commerce in apicultural products, and genetically modified crops. Most recently, she has created Thinning the Herd, an installation of animal forms that addresses endangered species, and Oppositional, a commentary on contemporary political behavior in the United States.

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