Summit County Public Art

Richard Yellow Hawk

Mathew Wolf 's portrait features a contemporary Lakota man in traditional dress rendered in graphite. "My friend Richard Yellow Hawk is a Lakota Indian and currently lives in Silver Creek," Wolf says. "Richard is the last living descendant of Sitting Bull."

Matthew Wolf is driven by a passion to portray the North American continent's first people and the land in which they lived. A native of Michigan now living in Midway, his fascination for the American West became fully realized after he moved to Utah's Wasatch Mountains in the early 1990s. Wolf finds that by looking into the eyes of the West, we are offered a glimpse into the past, Native American pride, and indigenous culture. His paintings evoke a deep sense of who Native Americas were, who they are today, and who we are by contrast. His art is held in collections both private and corporate from Seattle to New York, and he enjoys a loyal following in the Mountain West, where his paintings are exhibited in art shows and galleries.

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