The Detained Table.

  • wood, leather, plastic cable binders.
  • 30 x 120 cm
  • sonia e barrett

This table is a response to the increasing use of cable binders to arrest and detain individuals, especially black individuals in the United States. Instead of entering a demonstration with handcuffs now police are entering demonstrations with hundreds of cable binders which are much smaller and lighter than regular handcuffs. The treatment of black men, women and children often has the police sitting and standing on these individuals. Parallels with people as furniture are evident. Video documentation of this treatment has spurned a whole movement in the States that black people across the Diaspora have aligned themselves with. This is an event in which those of Caribbean descent recognise themselves in. I wanted to make a detained table as a way of entering into the way some law enforcers seem to envision back people.

The Detained Table.
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