A Fabulation Chair nr 63 finds joy here and now.

  • boom box speakers, plywood, ceramic plate, limes, wood joining dowelling uncut, glitter foils, dammaged chair leg parts, wheels.
  • 40 x 60 x 40 cm
  • sonia e barrett

I considered all the things that create joy, an ability to move and stop where I want to, economic self-determinacy, feeling fabulous and being seen, the joy of shine and not hiding that which bound me but creating a fabulation out of it one that raises me up. All these elements are in this work which celebrates the fragments of a brown chair at its center. The chair fragment is mounted on a Jitney which is a visual first step to economic independence in a Caribbean context. This vehicle which is also like a float has a red front wheel brake being able to travel and stop where you want is joyful in the context of the diaspora. The joy of shine and being seen is evoked in the use of foil and the white spotlight that is a plate. I feel there is a hunger for being seen being consumed and recognized. Anticipating that is often a joyful contemplation. The spikes are dowels as are the thicker circular indents. Dowels usually bind wood in the furniture form. This wood has made a fabulation of those broken bonds as a joyful way of dealing with a heritage. This is akin to rappers wearing gold chains in the American vernacular. This is a female abstraction of a chair "finding her groove"

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