Merging with the sound radical immediate black joy

  • boom box speakers, plywood, ceramic plate, black lion foot chair legs, black serving tongs
  • 63 x 49 x 32 cm
  • sonia e barrett

This work is part of the black joy now series. This series is and attempt to move from objectification to self actualisation in terms of furniture. The table has been left behind and the chair feet and serving tongs constitute a new body leaping into the sound. The speaker also reaches out to embrace the new body. The hand cart construct enables new choices to be mobile or put on the red brake and stand. a desire for mobility and choices about going and leaving is of value throughout the diaspora. In Africa and the West Indies hand carts like this are often mobilise the first attempts at economic independence through selling. The speakers pull in the new body a pleasurable experience you can abandon yourself to. This concept of joy was heavily influenced by house parties I witnessed in West Indian British homes but also the block parties that sometimes happen in America.

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