Chair No. 33

  • Wingback Chair
  • 80 x 60 x 140 cm
  • sonia e barrett

I saw the body in the chair. It was just a process of making explicit the meta-narrative of the chair. When I was in the South East of England, my friend's dad was involved in a sailing regatta. The sailing club has a no women entrance policy. I was a teenager and ignorant of this and entered the room; I remember seeing these wingback chairs. It was a big problem that I was in this room. I was whisked out and shouted at. Later It was explained to me that even when the Queen visited she had to come into the ladies room, through a side entrance. I am sure I was not the only woman in there as I imagine a woman will have cleaned those rooms. The chairs are in gentlemen clubs, a good cigar or whiskey might be enjoyed in them or a "fireside chat." They are in places where "old boys" network. I feel it It is a very British thing. Interestingly in Germany they are called "ear chairs" referring to the protection they afford your head and hearing. This piece is for me a radical departure from other pieces I have made to date. The space between the ears of the chair was for me the space between the breasts of this figure. For her to claim her joy now, it seemed the best thing she could do was stop cushioning resting male bodies in the clubroom and lie down and rest herself.

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