Table Nr. 2

  • Metal table top, styrofoam, wooden tablelegs, rope
  • 89 x 59 x 50 cm
  • sonia e barrett

People as furniture was the starting point for this piece. These table legs were found in America and this work is a meditation on the use of the black body as spectacle. This table was an incredibly difficult piece to translate, and it remains difficult for me to look at it. I found a heartbreaking humanity in the limbs of this work which appeared to me to be so completely tied down in service worked into the structure of a table. I wanted to articulate that using the ropes. There is the beauty of the independent strength of the body, all that it can do, and then the negation of any doing, coupled with the impossibility of assistance that is the spectacle of strange fruit in the trees. Even if you were to cut this figure down there would be no standing up as the unstable limbs have wheels. The blurring between fists and paws and the wheeled leg of an object is where the horror of captivity lies. Some cannot see a figure at all and only see an object; some see a yogic pose. As it is a sculpture, there are many views and no single view. This view is for me the most insistent one.

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