"This colossal task, which consists of reintroducing man into the world, man in his totality, will be achieved with the crucial help of the European masses who would do well to confess that they have often rallied behind the position of our common masters on colonial issues. In order to do this, the European masses must first of all decide to wake up, put on their thinking caps and stop playing the irresponsible game of Sleeping Beauty."

The Wretched of the Earth, On Violence, Fanon, pg. 62

Why can't we get out of bed, are we the bed, can we really rest? This video seeks to problematize Fanon's division of the world into the sleeping European masses and the "third world" masses. It is an attempt to locate a hybrid individual such as myself into the story. Someone who is not able to enjoy a beauty sleep, someone who is not waiting for powerful masses in Europe to wake up. I identify myself more with being the bed and sleeping in it. Performing the bed. This bed is in a flat that I used to live in but does not belong to me, it is my bed, but others sleep in it now. In the video, I saw off the bed leg, use my hand to perform the bed leg, and get into the bed.

Fanon's bed  video still
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