Simon Boyd

Yellow Moon

  • Oil On Canvas
  • 112 x 144 x 5 cm
  • $950.00
  • Simon Boyd

This work is inspired by an avenue of eucalyptus trees outside my home combined with two paintings I was fortunate enough to see in the Thyssen museum: 'The Death of Hyacinthus' by Tiepolo and 'Two Fighting Hummingbirds with Two Orchids' by Heade.

'Yellow Moon' captures the moment where I live in the Pampas when the setting sun casts a yellow glow on the ascending moon, accompanied by the raucous chatter of nesting parakeets. This is the moment of gloaming when two realities collide. That of wakefulness and that of sleep. The painting attempts to reflect this dream-like quality as well as that of tenderness and harmony.

  • Subject Matter: Landscape, yellow moon, hummingbird,
  • Created: March 08, 2018
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