God Designs While Giggling (Mother of Thousands)

  • Archival print of colored pencil drawing on black Stonehenge paper
  • 12 x 16 in
  • $125.00
  • Rhonda Nass

12"x16" (Unframed)

Shipping is available for $10
Free curbside/local pick-up is available for this piece

Artist Statement:
"Probably all of us can pinpoint moments in our lives that caused an abrupt change of direction, leading us on a distinct future course. My first high school art class was such a moment. From the minute I drew my first portrait of a classmate, I was hooked on the limitless possibilities of communicating through art. It was in that class that my teacher told me, “You could never be an artist.” Being the stubborn teenager that I was, that was all I needed to catapult me into the field of art. I received an art education degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, married a fellow student the next day and shortly thereafter birthed our illustration studio, Ampersand, and began our lives as professional artists. We continue to operate Ampersand from our home/studio along the Wisconsin River in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin.

​Artists most influential in developing my style are Caravaggio, Wayne Thiebaud, Robert Bateman and Rick Nass. I regard contrasts (light, texture, color, space, temperature, etc.) as one of the most effective visual communication tools, so one can recognize my work generally by such contrasts.

I’ll always be amazed that one can make a living doing what one loves, and can, in the process, keep stretching and passing discoveries on to others. It’s a gift for which I’ll continuously thank God."

  • Subject Matter: a mother-of-thousands plant whose baby plants live along the edges of the large fleshy succulent. Pop one off and plant.
  • Collections: Print by Print
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