Miriam McClung

Day Nurse for My Grandmother

  • Oil on Linen
  • 40 x 35 x 0.75 in
  • $5,500.00
  • Miriam McClung
  • Available

"Mrs. Chuvis was the day nurse for my grandmother. My grandmother had a stroke and was immobile in bed. Mrs. Chuvis sat in the den a lot by the window and could hear if grandmother needed anything. She was part Native American and had Picasso like arms. What a treat to draw and paint her. There was little she could do for my grandmother."

  • Subject Matter: Portrait
  • Created: 1962
  • Inventory Number: 00099.1962.DAY-NURSE-GRANDMOTHER-2.OIL.LINEN.40X35.UF
  • Collections: Modern
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