Zodiac Records

  • Acrylic On Canvas
  • 40 x 50 x 2 cm
  • Michelle Heron
  • Sold

'Zodiac Records, Wandsworth' is from a series of paintings depicting fast disappearing distinctive London shops. This particular one is of a record shop in South London which is closed but since painting it the signage has been painted over in grey.

Words by Paul Talling @derelictlondon about this local icon:
"This independant record shop situated on the one way system of the South Circular Road in Wandsworth has fascinated people for years. It has run by a guy who previously owned a record shop in Putney who moved here (I believe, in the early 1970s) though he only ever opened on a Saturday selling both vinyl and cassette tapes though latterly moving with the times by selling CDs. He sold via mail order too.

I never remember the shop having any window display and always seemed to be boarded up even when open on a Saturday. Just an open doorway proved that it was trading that day. The sign states open 11am - 6pm but whenever I walked by in the early 2000s on a Saturday it was not always open and seemed to be open for a short periods during the day. I went in to have a look out of sheer curiosity in 2005 or 2006 and the inside of the shop was quite dimly lit with photocopied CD sleeves filling the racks. Having a short attention span as we were on our way to the pub (The Royal Oak r.i.p.) my mate prised me away and we were gone within a minute or two. The doors closed for good a couple of years later and is becoming in an increasingly derelict condition. Nothing is known about the current owner of the property. The garage to the left of the shop is in a derelict condition too and I climbed up to look through a gap in the gable only to find piles of discarded wood. As I was getting down, a lady who resides in the modern flats behind asked if I was from the council as she wanted to complain about the rat infestation in the area due to this garage - apparently passers by discard their takeaways through the gap.
According to Charlie who emailed this website, Zodiac Records Wandsworth was bought in 2009 for £245k and planning permission was granted in 2013 to demolish and create a new building with glass front - offices."

  • Created: September 01, 2015
  • Reproductions: Available
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