Portobello, Broadstairs

  • Acrylic on gesso panel (unframed)
  • 18 x 24 cm
  • £325.00
  • Michelle Heron

‘Portobello, Broadstairs’ is from a series of paintings exploring the coastal towns of Britain and issues of urban decay, towns in transition, gentrification and closing shops. I was exploring Kent during filming for Sky's Landscape Artist of the Year in the summer of 2018 and noticed so many old shops that were either closed or still surviving.
My work has always been interested in the spaces that are unused or forgotten, the traces where people have been and the pockets of life that we ignore. To me they invoke an air of mystery or foreboding. They are reminders of the past but also survivors struggling to find a place in the modern world.
The paintings depict rich histories of a bygone era but also a sense of a sinister, eery and dystopian landscape. Ubiquitous shops once owned by generations of the same family now hang on the verge of being replaced with a less personal service, devoid of interaction, a sense of place and community. The shadows and light falling on the buildings give them a new perspective yet they remind you of the melancholy of the sun setting.

  • Created: February 2021
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