Jan Poynter

"Narrows - low tide" Madiera Park B.C.

  • Acrylic on board
  • 12 x 16 in
  • C$600.00
  • Jan Poynter

and the tide just kept going OUT and OUT.
Pender Harbour is a maze of inlets and passages between islands and points of land. It was the rock formations that caught my attention and the dark reflections in the shallows.
Revealed at low tide, the colours of the stone and surface changes as they are exposed and dry in the Sun.
They come and go.
The tide comes in...goes out...
Boats and docks rise and fall. One of the great challenges of Plein Air.

I once painted with a group in Ontario on the lake Huron shore. Before breaking for lunch I told my fellow Plein Air painters that I had to finish working on the rocks before things changed.

as we sat down later in the afternoon the artist next to me asked what I meant about the "rocks changing"... I was just about to say "well the tide is coming/going" when I realized it was a LAKE.
Too funny. West Coast kid.
They had NO idea what I was talking about.
Their rocks are always there.

Plein air humour.

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