Jan Poynter

"First light - Snag / Dam" Trout Lake - Sunshine Coast B.C.

  • Acrylic on board
  • 16 x 12 in
  • C$600.00
  • Jan Poynter

I decided to detail the reeds and foreground...as it was so much part of the strange illusion and deep reflection of this view.
Very complex...but I like the final depth.

The ghostly center tree was deeply set back from the morning sun on the pale snags.

This is a beaver pond/lake. He/she builds a dam to raise the water level. This increases access for the beaver to cut, drop and float edible trees into the water. Small limbs are used for dam & lodge.

The rise in water level however floods and kills Conifer trees along the lake's edge
creating the Snags. Like pale skeletons of trunk & limbs.

Inspiration at the noisy roadside.
in the mud. with the bugs biting.

Price is listed UNFRAMED.
Original paintings on unframed panels (up to 9x12 in)
are easily shipped through regular post.
Please contact me for payment & framing options.
Price does NOT include shipping costs.

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