James H. Marks

Working With the Plague

What did Artists do During the Black Death?

Working With the Plague

OK, I know this is nothing compared to the suffering during the time of Bubonic Plague sweeping Europe centuries ago, but I have had enough of the Corona bug to last a lifetime. I unfortunately am going to miss my first personal show booked over 8 months ago, and it's a bit painful My art is ready, I'm ready, but it appears that things just aren't going to go my way.


Anywho, I have lots of new work being matted and framed while waiting for the world to restart. As it comes to fruition I will be posting editions here. Take a gander!

Wishing the world all the best! A silver lining is that there will probably be a plethora of new work produced by artists in the next couple of months. Looking forward to it.

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