James H. Marks

First Physical Installation Since March 2020

Very Pleased to be Able to Get Back Into the Swing of the Galleries

First Physical Installation Since March 2020

September and the local galleries are starting to open, with masks required. Will be so happy when we return to normal life! I was fortunate to win an Award of Merit for my work "Freshwater Park" in its 24x30 in. format. The judge had this to say:

"This photograph reminded me of an antique kimono, embodying the Japanese descriptor, “Shibui” ( (渋 い), meaning “of simple, or uncomplicated beauty.” The oversharpening of the image that might have looked forced, in this case creates the effect of making the leaves appear to be shimmering gold embroidery on a silky fabric."

-Meriel Stern

Looking forward to finishing the year and moving ahead. Enjoy Fall!

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