War Planner

  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 21 x 17 x 2 in
  • $320.00
  • Violet Nicklen

This is a whimsical look at a warrior as a bobble head on a shelf of war planning books. War planners must study many aspects of war eg. tactical, strategic, and now cyber war is becoming more prevalent around the globe. Will cyber war be what brings down nations without firing a single shot.

About the Artist: Violet Nicklen x

US Air Force
Vietnam and Gulf Wars

Violet Nicklen is an independent professional and award-winning artist who began exploring the arts in the 1970's. She put her pursuit of art on the back burner while serving 30 years in the United States Air Force. Since retiring in 2001 she brought her passion for the arts forward again by returning to college and obtaining art related degrees.

As an eclectic artist, she explores various mediums working in traditional and nonrepresentational designs or melding both. "Life experiences and emotions play a big part in the colors I choose and the subjects I paint." Her personal philosophy is that art is the essence of the soul, but the true meaning of a work of art can be defined in many ways as it is interpreted in the mind and by the eye of the beholder.


American, b. 1950, Maywood, California. Based in Georgetown, Texas, USA

As an eclectic and mixed media artist, Violet Nicklen is best known for avoiding a limited repertory in her art. She uses combinations of techniques and mediums appropriate to the subject she is painting crafting original works of art derived from both memory and experiences. A paintings style depends on her conception of the subject and the best medium to use in order to fulfill that vision.