• Oil and Paper on Canvas
  • 24 x 18 x 1.5 in
  • $864.00
  • Amanda StClaire

About the Artist: Amanda StClaire x

US Navy

I love working with oil paint, including creating large scale pieces using pastel ground, oil and watercolor, and the contemporary use of acrylics and mixed media. I do not shy away from the unknown and use my curiosity and bravery to experiment in the studio. As a self taught artist, play is a key part of my process and it is in this world beyond the looking glass where I can tap into and fully let go of the confines of self and the world around me with child-like spontaneity. My process is not complete, however, until I implement the editing skills to critically view the dynamic tension that arises in textures and colors and spatial relationships.

Art will always be an emotive journey for me, grounded in a process that is uniquely mine but that is deeply influenced by my work as a mentor and coach and my experiences as a U.S. Navy Veteran and as a dependent spouse for the past 23 years. I share my creative space with and actively mentor emerging neurodivergent artists. This work provides me with a sense of service that I have found to be critical to my own mental health. Frequent moves required by our military life took a heavy toll on me and lead to me turning my back on my professionally training as an attorney and fully investing myself fully into my creative self.

I am a certified Expressive Arts Coach and runs workshops and seminar and am the co-founder of Artist Mentor Project (www. I am the mother to 3 teenagers, and have been married to my partner, a Navy Officer and Scientist, for 23 years. I have has lived on 3 U.S. coasts (East, West, and Gulf) and on 3 continents.

My commitment to service and my sense of adventure continues to inspire and inform my travels and my work.