The Voyagers: Boats of remembrance

  • paper, thread,

The Voyagers was one of the Dover Arts Development War & Peace commissions and was part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of the discovery of Dover’s 3500-year old Bronze Age Boat.

As part of The Voyagers I invited members of the public to join me in Dover’s Bronze Age Boat Gallery to make two related, collective pieces of work: boats of remembrance and a boat cloth.

The project reflects my interest in the symbolism of boats and in terms of its personal significance, the boat as a vehicle for the traumatic leaving behind of the familiar.

The Voyagers was exhibited as a three-part installation in Dover museum: Boats of remembrance and Boat cloth of names which I made together with members of the public, and a video piece by French artist Philippe Bazin. The film is a 50-minute shot of the port of Durrës, Albania, but as Philippe Bazin says it “presents a space of transition, a port, this could be of Dover …. or anywhere.”

  • Subject Matter: Boats, memory, remembrance
  • Created: 2012
  • Inventory Number: 2012_00001_INST
  • Current Location: UK
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