Ansley Pye
AB2124 by Ansley Pye  Image: Textural Abstract by Ansley Pye
Textural Abstract by Ansley Pye


  • oil on Canvas (dry brush and palette knife)
  • 24 x 30 in
  • $2,200.00
  • Ansley Pye

My textural abstract work comes from an accumulation of years of exploring texture and color relationships. Each piece is comprised of layers of oil paint, using no medium, and left to dry prior to the application of the next layer. These paintings are reflective of the many layers we all possess within the totality of being human. Each event, each tragedy, each joy leaves a mark. This has been a theme throughout all of my various styles of artistic expression. But I find the palette knife/squeegee work to be the most honest in its seemingly random happening that results in a beautiful tapestry of color, form, and shape. Contact directly to purchase through Artist Archive.

This work was created using a squeegee, trowel, and palette knife applying multiple layers of paint them removing part of the application. Inspiration for this work is the light of the morning in an open field

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