WEBINAR: Best Practices for Managing & Showcasing Your Hospital Art Collection

Elysian Koglmeier | November 30, 2020 (Updated October 25, 2021)

David Hayes' Harlequin outside of Children's Hospital Colorado. Photo courtesy of Children's Hospital Colorado. 

Art plays an integral part to the healing of patients and their families, and to the mental health and joy of our health care workers. And, artworks in hospitals have to be taken care of just like patients and staff. 

This webinar is presented by Artwork Archive. Panelists include Antonia Dapena-Tretter, Curator for Stanford Children's Health and Heidi Huisjen, Curator for Children's Hospital Colorado.

What will you learn?

Learn how online art collection management systems like Artwork Archive help hospitals organize, manage and share their artworks without a team or budget the size of the Met.


We will go over: 
- Tracking art inventory and locations
- Creating reports and communications
- Tracking donations and cultivate donors
- Generating condition reports and track maintenance
- Safeguarding images and documents
- Sharing and showcasing your collection with patients, staff & the community
- Uploading and migrating your data from old systems
- Using Artwork Archive's Discovery to find artists


This live webinar has been completed! Thank you to everyone who attended. 


If you weren't able to attend, you can watch the recording below or on our YouTube channel.



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