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Artwork Archive | June 6, 2018 (Updated April 12, 2021)

As an artist, you are constantly seeking out new opportunities to boost your career.

The trouble can be finding the right one for you, your specific art, and where you are in your career.

Sometimes the sheer volume of opportunities can make it difficult to sift through, not to mention remembering all your application deadlines and tracking where work is coming or going.

That’s why we recently added a new Call-for-Entry page on Artwork Archive. You can now Discover calls for entry, track application deadlines and manage important dates from Artwork Archive.  

Free to all artists, the Call-for-Entry page gets the best opportunities for artists, with more opportunities posted each day. From juried shows and art festivals to public art commissions and residencies, Artwork Archive now provides the latest resources for artists to grow their career.

Unlock new opportunities and manage your application schedule from Artwork Archive.

We make it easy to search, too!

Filter by opportunity type, location, event dates, eligibility, and more to find exactly what your art career needs to really thrive.

Easily browse opportunities by the application deadline and event dates. Don’t waste time reading through dozens of calls that aren’t the right fit for you. Find and get to the right opportunities faster.

Don’t Let Deadlines Slip Through the Cracks

Artwork Archive members can schedule reminders about their upcoming deadlines and drop-off dates.

Get a quick overview of what you have coming up for the week, month and year. Avoid double sending an artwork to two different shows or overlapping your commitments.

Plus, export your important dates to your favorite calendar system like Google Calendar, Outlook or iCal.

Be Application Ready

When you find the perfect grant, residency or show, you want to be ready to apply. If you have your artwork in ten different folders on your computer, the information in an excel document or on scattered bits of paper, it can take a long time to get everything ready when you need it.

When you manage your art business through Artwork Archive, you save time and stress by having everything ready for your applications in a flash.

Easily sort and filter your works to find the right images to apply. Store hi-resolution photos alongside the information needed to apply. Know where that work is currently showing and where it needs to be in the future.

“I’ve been so happy with Artwork Archive and can’t believe I used to use (or try to use) spreadsheets to keep track of everything!" - Rebecca Woodhouse


Plus, store documents you might need to apply within My Docs. Keep versions of your grant proposals, CV, resume and more in your Artwork Archive account.

It’s like having your very own studio assistant to help get you ready for a show.


Less stress and more opportunities!

Avoid sifting through countless websites to find opportunities and tabbing between multiple windows to track your event dates and schedule. Bookmark the Call-for-Entry page to find upcoming grants, workshops, exhibitions, residencies and more.

Plus, track your deadlines in the Scheduling tool, so nothing falls through the cracks.


Find your next big opportunity and be ready to apply with Artwork Archive.

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