"Etages" by Laura Guese

Clear water and bright skies.

There’s no doubt the color blue reminds us of summer. And with the last few days of the season upon us, we at Artwork Archive decided to host an Instagram contest devoted entirely to the color that evokes summer’s beauty.

In hopes of winning a $50 gift card to Blick Art Materials, over 100 participants tagged their favorite works on Instagram with the hashtag #AAEndOfSummerBlues—and it did not disappoint! We saw a range of subject matter full of masterful compositions and extraordinary details, all using beautiful blue tones.

And the lucky winner was…

Annie Wildey!

Take a look at her stunning seascape, “In My Dreams II.” We loved how she captured the movement of the waves, brought to life by her exquisite details in the salt water. We could almost feel the spray of sea!


We saw so many incredible works. Check out some other impressive submissions we received!

Nelia Harper 

Philip Frey

Nancy Romanovsky


Poppy Balser


Tracey Adams


Shannon McBride


Tara Leaver


Caitlin McCollom


Melanie Reese

Lisa Bohnwagner

Julie Sierra

Paul Messink

What a spectacular way to ring in the fall.

We want to say a big thank you to everyone that submitted! You can take a peek at every piece entered in the #AAEndOfSummerBlues contest here.

Then, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and be on the lookout for our next contest!