Want to find the perfect gift for the creatives in your life?

From stocking stuffers to showstoppers, practical finds and fun activities, look no further than our holiday gift guide for artists:


Whether they like to dance it out to music or catch up on their art business podcasts, some wireless, Bluetooth speakers for the studio could be just what your artist needs to stay inspired and on top of their game while creating.



A Quality Apron

If there’s one thing we know from time spent in the studio, you can never have too many aprons on hand! For artists who struggle with constantly having their clothes a mess, help keep them clean (and stylish) in and out of the studio.


Color Wheel Themed Items

If the artist in your life loves working with color, check out these cute color wheel-inspired finds online. You can find everything from necklaces and umbrellas to jigsaw puzzles and wall art that will be sure to delight.


Art or Art Business Books

We as artists must never stop learning. Whether we need to gather inspiration or strategize business advice, books can help artists feel like we aren’t alone on this path. We recommend Sharon Louden’s “Living and Sustaining a Creative Life: Essays by 40 Working Artists.” Or, check out the others on our book list for creatives.


A new set of brushes

Simple, essential, and a perfect stocking stuffer! They will definitely think of you the first time they put fresh bristles to a canvas. Check out your local art supply store, or, if you’re shopping online, we recommend Rosemary & Co. brushes. Their brushes are great quality and there’s enough variety to suit any painter’s needs.


Donating to a cause in their name

Many artists create to be part of something bigger than themselves. For artists who like to give back, consider donating to a cause they are passionate about in their name. Need some ideas? Here are five inspiring organizations to start.


Art Dice

In need of more stocking stuffers? Art Dice is a fun little gift any artist would enjoy. The creative combinations are endless with these playful drawing prompt cubes—perfect for any creative block that creeps up!


Business tools from Artwork Archive

Artwork Archive Subscription

The gift of seamless art business management can help a professional artist jumpstart their art business in 2018. It’s feature-packed, powerful, and easy-to-use art inventory software. They’ll thank you at their next packed gallery opening!


The perfect sketchbook

You never know when inspiration will strike, so make sure the artist in your life captures it! We love these notebooks by Flexbook. They have a useful feature that anyone who sketches on-the-go will appreciate: the cover can be folded 360 degrees to create a flat writing surface.


Camera or Photography Class

Properly photographing their work can make all the difference when applying for a show, or winning the favors of a new art buyer. Gifting them with a beginner’s photography class or a new DSLR camera to capture beautiful images of their art might just have them jumping for joy on Christmas morning!

Bob Ross Board Game

Players earn points by painting landscape features like Happy Little Trees using colors and brushes from your hand of cards. All the while, Bob sets the painting pace as he advances across the easel, offering sage encouragement and bonus opportunities. You can find the new Bob Ross board game at Target.


Dali-inspired clock

Any art history buffs out there? Make your artist’s workspace merry and bright with a shout out to Dali’s famed melting clocks in “The Persistence of Memory.” Checking the time will no longer be a drag with these funky clocks.


Picture Hanging Tools

Hey, who doesn't love a practical gift? Eliminate some stress from your artist’s life with a handy tool like the Hang-O-Matic. Whether they are hanging their work for a gallery opening or an open studio, this tape measure, level, and wall anchor combo will help any picture go up straight.



Day Trip to an Art Museum

Show that you appreciate your loved one’s profession with tickets to your local art museum. Places like the Denver Art Museum have new exhibitions constantly, so you can pick an experience both you and your artist will enjoy


Serving Palette

Perfect for artists who like to entertain, this creative serving platter turns any hors d'oeuvres into an artistic statement. Because food can be an art, too!


Sketching Wallet

For artists always on the go, consider an all-inclusive sketching kit. This one from Derwent comes with a pad and a selection of handy drawing media. And, it’s small enough to easily throw in a bag and head outdoors.



A 6-Week Yoga Session

Long hours in the studio, constantly working with their hands, the stress of running an art business—these demands can’t help but take a toll on an artist’s health. That’s why stretching out these hard-worked muscles in a yoga class could be just the thing your artist needs to relax. Bonus points if you join them!


Ready, set, shop!

We know this can be an especially tough group to shop for, so we hope this gift list for artists leaves you inspired. No matter what you choose to give this holiday season, remember that the best gifts come from the heart.


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