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Artwork Archive | November 30, 2016 (Updated April 12, 2021)

In “7 Essential Podcasts for Artists,” we gave you a handful of podcast suggestions for the knowledge-hungry artist. With the press of the play button, you can create your next amazing work of art and get tips on running an art business simultaneously. As artists, it often seems impossible to check everything off your ever-expanding to-do list, so killing two birds with one stone is a sweet relief.

To save you even more time, we are picking some of our favorite podcast episodes for artists. This week’s theme—art marketing! Get your fill of clever art marketing ideas, efficiency tips to get you back in the studio sooner, and strategies to reach buyers the right way.

Check out these top five podcast episodes filled to the brim with great art marketing advice:

"Create Visual Content That Spreads with Donna Moritz"

by Savvy Painter

This Savvy Painter episode is an absolute must for artists trying to tackle social media and content marketing. In the episode, host Antrese Wood sits down with marketing guru Donna Moritz who discusses everything from what fans want to see on social media to how to protect your images. You’ll also overcome imposter syndrome, get ideas on what to post, learn what drives traffic, how to track it, and much, much more.


"Batch Processing and Systematizing for Artists"

by The Artist Mastermind Podcast with Natasha Wescoat

Does the business part of your art business have you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out? Natasha Wescoat knows just how you feel. She used to spend day after day working on her art marketing strategy—that is, until she put a system in place to make her business routine more effective. This podcast episode will help you do the same. Learn how to batch your projects together to eliminate marketing burnout and take back more time to create art.


"How to Focus on the Right People to Increase Sales"

by Explore Your Enthusiasm with Tara Swiger

Tara Swiger is here to help you navigate the intersection of making art and making money. This podcast episode is all about helping you reach that goal. How? By discovering exactly who you should be marketing your art to and how to find them. It makes your art marketing easier, more effective, and less scary to talk about, and Swiger illustrates why!


“The Top Ten Things Every Artist Needs to Do Well to Sell Their Art”

by Artists Helping Artists

If you are looking to make a real living as an artist, you need to take on these top marketing tasks named by host Leslie Saeta and her co-host Kelley Sanford—and do them well. These amiable and insightful women go into great detail explaining what marketing avenues are essential for artists, and what’s more, their tips for using them successfully.


“Brag Better About Your Art, About You” (#16)

by Art Marketing Action Podcasts from Alyson B. Stanfield

Take five minutes with Art Biz Coach Alyson Stanfield to walk through twelve simple questions that examine your art and accomplishments. Why? Because narrowing down your story as an artist will help you market yourself better. Stanfield will open your eyes to what you should be sharing to thrill potential buyers.

The bottom line?

These podcast episodes not only help improve your art marketing strategy but your efficiency when promoting. And, what artist wouldn’t love more time for creating and staying organized? Take these tips to heart and see the difference it makes in your art career.

Want to listen to more great art business podcasts? Check out 7 Essential Podcasts for Artists.

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