7 Ways to Convert Your Art Buyers into Super Fans

Artwork Archive | October 2, 2015 (Updated April 12, 2021)

Creating a positive customer experience is king, especially in our new digital age.

With so many art options on and off line, it’s more important than ever to stand out. So, create a customer experience your art buyers will rave about! As you know, the more people praise you, the more your art business will grow.

Whether it’s creating unique packaging and sending surprise perks or sharing social proof and having top-notch customer service, there are wonderful ways to impress and entice your customers. Keep them coming back for more with these seven tips to turn your art buyers into super fans.

1. Impress Customers with Packaging

First impressions matter! Unboxing your art is the first hands-on experience many buyers will have with your brand, so make it exciting and memorable. Give them something to talk about! Taking time to create beautiful, unique wrapping makes your customers feel that much more valued. Just make sure everything is still secure and protected.

Carolyn Edlund, the business of art expert behind ArtsyShark.com, shares that she’s “seen artists offer extras like gift wrap, a hanging guide, care instructions, or a hammer and nail.” Artist Evelyn Henson wraps her work in hand-painted wrapping paper and includes beautiful, branded postcards with every package. She then reshares on Instagram when her customers share a photo of their package - and share they do!

2.  Create a Friendly Social Media Community

Use social media platforms to share your brand and connect with customers. Give friendly and prompt responses when people comment or ask questions. And reshare and praise customers that share purchased work on their social media channels. You can even offer a small discount - like free shipping - to those that follow you on social media to get them even more excited about buying your art. Creating relationships with your customers can help lead to repeat purchases, and social media is an excellent way to create bonds with those you can’t meet face-to-face.

3. Pride Yourself on Top-Notch Customer Service

Great customer service is crucial. According to Forbes, "Seventy-one percent of customers who ended a business relationship did so because of poor customer service." So, be readily available to answer customers’ questions or concerns. If you respond to a concern on a Saturday morning, your customers will take note. Over-delivering and caring about your customers can only cement positive customer relations. The more reliable you are, the more likely customers are going to trust buying from you again.

Even if you have an upset customer, hope is not lost. Learn the right way to respond to angry art customers here.

4. Keep in Touch

Turn buyers into repeat customers by staying top of mind. Reach out with friendly and informative emails on a regular basis. Arts Business Institute recommends reaching out at least once a month and suggests making special offers like free shipping or a coupon for them and a friend to keep customers excited and engaged. Need a guide to email marketing? Check out Cory Huff’s Email Marketing for Artists: The Ultimate Free Guide.

5. Send Surprise Perks

People love receiving gifts in the mail. So, foster goodwill with surprise coupons, notecards with your latest art, or personal notes that express your appreciation. You can also email out a sneak peek of your latest works so your list has first pick. Any way that makes your customers feel appreciated will strengthen your connection. Happy customers tend to be repeat customers.

6. Make Your Top Customers Feel Extra Special

Be good to your collectors. Top customers usually make up a disproportionate amount of your revenue. When you make them feel extra special, they’re more likely to spread kind words to their friends. It’s essentially free marketing. So, show your appreciation with a free sketch or small work, or mail personal thank you notes after each purchase.

7. Share Social Proof

Aileen Lee, a partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, states that social proof is “the positive influence created when someone finds out that others are doing something.” People often desire what others want or already have. So, consider sharing images of your art in buyers’ homes on social media. You can ask for customer testimonials and buyers smiling happily with their new art. It helps sales when people can visualize your work in their own space. It’s also an excellent way for new customers to get to know your brand. Aileen describes social proof as the new marketing.

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