50 Terrific Topics to Write About for Your Art Blog

Artwork Archive | May 27, 2016

You are sitting at your table, defeated, just staring at a blank computer screen.

You are trying to come up with new topics for your artist blog.

Sound familiar?

Artwork Archive to the rescue! To have a successful artist blog, focus on what your audience wants to learn. Writing for your fans, potential customers, and even other artists can help you illustrate your expertise and dedication as an artist and prompt people to buy your art.

From sharing your process to promoting your upcoming gallery representation, we’ve brainstormed fifty art blog topics to make art blogging a breeze!

For Art Customers and Fans:

Get customers excited to buy your art by telling them more about your artist story, as well as promoting the exciting happenings in your art career.

  • How do you find inspiration?
  • What are you currently working on?
  • Are you traveling for your art?
  • What is your process like?
  • Who are your favorite artists?
  • How did you teach yourself?
  • What was the most valuable thing you learned in art school?
  • Who is your mentor and what did they teach you?
  • Why do you create art?
  • What is your favorite piece you’ve created?
  • What is your favorite piece by another artist?
  • Why do you work in the medium that you do?
  • What is your favorite place to create in?
  • Describe your “Year in Review”.

Artwork Archive artist Josephine A. Geiger reflected on her “Year in Review” in her art blog.

  • Promote workshops you are hosting.
  • Describe a city you’ve always wanted to create art in.
  • Promote upcoming shows where your work is being featured.
  • Express gratitude for recent awards and gallery representation.
  • Describe recent art events, conventions, and shows you’ve attended.
  • What have you learned by teaching a class or hosting workshops?
  • What medium have you always wanted to try?
  • If you teach, describe your favorite lesson to teach other artists?
  • Why are you drawn to a certain style of art?

 Videos about her latest pieces frequent the blog of Artwork Archive artist Jane LaFazio.

  • What is your mission?
  • What is your philosophy as an artist?
  • Show gratitude for a review of your art.
  • Post rules for entering a free giveaway of your art.
  • Make a bucket list of your art goals.
  • Collect all of your favorite art quotes.
  • Why have you changed styles or subjects over the years?

For Other Artists:

Use your blog posts to build credibility as an artist and as an expert in your craft. Not only will other artists appreciate your advice, but potential buyers will admire your knowledge and dedication to your art career.

  • What type of tools or materials do you use and recommend?
  • What would you do differently or the same in your art career looking back?
  • Make videos of your demonstrations.
  • What is your advice for making it in the art industry?
  • What have you learned using social media for your art business?
  • What are your steps for creating art (shown with pictures)?

Artwork Archive artist Cheryl D McClure shows the different stages of her artwork in her blog.

  • How do you stay organized?
  • What strategy tips do you have for an art career?
  • How did you build your social media following?
  • How do you learn new techniques?
  • Why do you inventory your artwork?
  • What benefits have you received from joining an artist association?
  • What artists and art business influencers do you keep up with?
  • What art books do you recommend and what did you learn?
  • What art movies have you watched and admired?
  • Which advice should you have listened to or ignored starting out as an artist?


Artist and art business coach Crista Cloutier shares her advice on showing work for “good exposure” on her blog, “The Working Artist.”

  • What are your tips for making prints of your work?
  • How do you meet people in the art industry?
  • Describe your methods for cleaning up and maintaining tools.
  • How do you maintain a good work/life balance?

Did these ideas get you thinking?

Trying to come up with topics for your artist blog can leave your mind feeling blank. When you start to get that anxious feeling, just remember to keep potential buyers, fans, and artists in mind, and use this list of ideas. Then you can start writing, and selling more art.

Want to make an artist blog? Check out these four free and easy options.

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