MAZES AND MAPS from Pyramid Atlantic

Curated by Andrew Wodzianski

Featuring work by: John James Anderson, Irene Chan, Wesley Clark, Nick DeFord, Tim Hutchings, Zofie King, Casey Jex Smith, and Andrew Wodzianski

On view in Pyramid Atlantic's gallery May 29–July 11, 2021.


For many of those who sheltered in isolation or in a small group this pandemic year, playing games has been a much needed source of entertainment and socialization. MAZES AND MAPS celebrates the importance of the game while putting focus on a particular aspect: cartography.

In this eight person exhibition, each artist has uniquely interpreted game maps through a balance of projection, labeling, and symbology. Some works are pure whimsy, but others are deeply reflective and socially acute.

Curator Andrew Wodzianski remarks, “MAZES AND MAPS excites me on a personal and professional level. Personally, gaming has been my favorite pastime since childhood. I've spent countless hours rolling dice, knocking pawns, and shuffling cards. It's a dream come true to combine my hobby-of-choice into a professional setting. The assembled artists push game iconography into thought-provoking areas that test my perception of entertainment.”

“Any game is dependent on rules, and games abstracted onto boards, paper, and screens are also reliant on visual design rules,” continues Wodzianski. “These artworks are rooted in the formal elements and principles of design. Patterns, rhythms, and contrasts abound. However, while games' visual aesthetics are in service to their rule sets, the pieces in MAZES AND MAPS frequently grow in twisting directions that are delightfully unexpected.”

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