Terrill Welch

Red Line 02

  • Acrylic on gessobord panel
  • 8 x 10 x 0.2 in
  • Terrill Welch
  • Sold

Artist Notes: When we look out at the sea, it’s beauty often over shadows the trouble it is in due to pollution and climate stress. The red line, that is visible at the horizon, comes up onto the sandy shores at our feet. This red line in the painting is intentional and purposeful because much of the damage to our seas is within our collective human capacity to address. Why should we, you might ask? Well, because tiny ocean plants called phytoplankton contribute 50 to 85 percent of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere. Yes, our trees, forests and jungles are important suppliers of oxygen to earth’s atmosphere. But it is these tiny phytoplankton in the oceans that do a lot of the heavy lifting in this respect.

These passed couple of years of staying close to home have given me time to reflect on our human patterns of activity. How might we meet our needs and desires differently? What is required to fulfill those needs in a meaningful way? How could these small and large changes help to heal the earth? Or, as some like to say, how can we allow the earth to heal us?

Questions without easy answers are the grit for my creative mill. Stay tuned, the hoppers are full!

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